Guide To The Art Of Bluffing

Although there is a lot of skill and luck involved in the game of Texas hold’em there is one part of the game that can make you win and it can also make you lose. The art of bluffing is a simple sounding concept but if it is used in the wrong way it can lead to heavy loses and this is not what we want.

The ability to be able to bluff is one of the key skills that all poker players use in an attempt to win the pot when they have not got a good hand of cards in front of them. By understanding when to use a bluff in Texas hold’em you will be able to win a pot that you would have lost to someone whose has got a good hand.

As I explained earlier the concept of bluffing seems simple. The ability to lie is not really a new idea to the human race but so many people do not understand how this does not simply mean that you lie when you are playing hold’em. There is a certain time and place where a bluff should be used and this is where a lot of people find that their bluffs always fail.

To be able to bluff in Texas hold’em you have to convince all the other players that you are holding a good hand that is better than the rest of them. If you are able to convince the other players that your hand is better then you will go and win the pot but if you do not convince them and somebody calls your bluff then you could end up without a penny to your name.

The basics of when and why you should use a bluff depend of the certain types of players that you are facing at the time. The bluff is very effective against tight players but be careful as they can also believe they have a winning hand and call you which, if you do not fold as quickly as possible could lead to some heavy losses.

If you have been playing at the table for a while and the only large pots you have won have been with really good hands then the time you use your bluff they are more likely to believe you as they will think you have a strong hand and back down. They will have picked up on the fact that you are winning with good hands and this will set an alarm off in their heads telling them that you probably have a strong hand again.

Always try and remember that no matter who you are playing against or why you are doing it, bluffing is a very risky way to play poker so do not over use it or you will become predictable and this will eventually lead to your downfall. If you use the bluff at the right time and right moment of the game then you could walk away with a nice lump of cash.


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