How To Find A Fish And How To Avoid The Maniacs

In this article I am going to tell you how to find the poker fish and avoid the poker maniacs. The player who is classed as a fish is quite easy to spot as they usually play their starting hands all the way to the end of the hand in the hope of getting something out of nothing.

They will also usually be the players who will call large bets so that they can see the next card in an attempt to get lucky and win the pot. These sorts of players can be very annoying and do cause many people frustration but if you persevere they will end up losing and losing big.

What you should do is always make a note of the players that you think are a fish. Many of the online poker rooms allow you to make these so when you play them again you know who you are dealing with. You should always try and remain as cool as you can, as these players will get under your skin in the short term but they will suffer in the long term.

If a poker fish tries to talk to you try not to talk back as this can lead to more frustration. If you have had enough of them chatting away just close the chat box and concentrate on taking them down.

The other end of the scale is the player known as a maniac. You can spot the maniac a mile off as they are the players that are always putting money into every hand that is being played and this makes them a dangerous player.

Once you have spotted the person you believe to be a maniac it is best to not get caught up in their action as they are extremely unpredictable. You will also need to look at their betting patterns and determine whether they are playing aggressively or if they are just having a really good run of luck.

When it comes to Online Texas hold’em it is possible for a player to have up to ten hands that can put them in a winning position but as their betting patterns are usually very consistent it becomes quite difficult to tell whether they are lucky. Most maniacs will play to see the cards thorough to the end but if they are bluffing keep a not of when they are doing so as there could be a pattern that they are following in their own game plan.

When it comes to these types of players it is better to avoid the maniacs as if they get a win it is usually big and this can take many people out of the game where as a fish can be seen to be winning but give them time and their weaknesses will begin to show and they will get taken to the cleaners sooner rather than later.

So I hope I have helped you understand the fish and the maniac so keep an eye out and you will become a better player all round if you can spot them.

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